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14200 Old Columbia Pike was on the market with another agent for one year before the Pure Energy Team listed and sold this property in 9 days, with multiple offers and at the full price of $425,000. We can do the same for you! Our creative approach to design, staging and marketing will make the difference.  Call Donna today for a free evaluation and private pricing consultation.

We have worked with Mr. Eisel for two investment purchases, each involving complex issues -- one a short sale with multiple party interests, the other involving a Federal bankruptcy. While Andrew's expertise is in real estate and not some other legal and process issues that came up, he was always on top of things, saw to it that what needed doing got done, kept us well-informed, and looked after our interests. His level of commitment is something you almost don't expect to find in today's precarious real estate markets. He treats you not just as a customer, but as a friend. If you're looking for a Realtor whom you can trust implicitly and rely on to take care of you throughout the process, he's your guy. That said, he's also honest, so don't count on him to work a shady deal. Give him a try, and you won't be disappointed.
Andrew was outstanding!! He was extremely patient with me and my fiancee as we tried to coordinate buying a house with wedding planning over the course of several months. When we finally found the house we fell in love with, Andrew navigated us expertly through the process and we got a great deal. He was so great to work with that he became a close friend. That was 5 years ago. When we decided to move out of the area, we knew we needed Andrew's help to sell our house. His team did such a great job that we found buyers almost instantly. Andrew does a great job of listening to what we want and helping us with whatever we need. His investment in staging our house made all the difference. When I saw how great the house looked, I wanted to buy it all over again. Thanks Andrew!
We worked with Andrew for an extended time finding the right home for us. His expertise and diligence helped us make not only a smart or prudent decision on buying a house, but also the right one for our needs. He was very aware of our future goals and made sure to help us every step of the way in achieving what we wanted in a property. Outside of the buying and selling world, he gave us mountains of advice regarding energy efficiency and general home improvement, much of which is being utilized mere weeks into living in our new home.
I cannot describe how helpful Lewis was. We met Lewis when he was showing us a house and could tell immediately that this was the guy we wanted to work with. We had just started to look and know very little about the home buying process. When we located a house that was prefect for us, we needed a realtor to represent us. We remembered Lewis from one of the first homes we saw and contracted him right away. We told Lewis that we were standing in our dream house and wanted to make an offer, but had no idea what to do. Lewis immediately made us feel at ease and told us what we needed to do. He walked us through the whole process, easing our anxiety along the way. Even through there were multiple offers on the table when we put in our offer. Lewis was able to provide excellent advice on what to put in the offer letter. Due to his ability to send the sellers a wonderfully crafted offer, we won and will be closing on our dream house in a couple weeks. Not only did Lewis go above and beyond his call of duty as a realtor (coming to our house after his work day for us to sign papers, because we did not own a car), he was able to provide us with names of people to help us do some simple home repairs. Lewis answered all and every one of our questions that we had during the process, no matter how big or small the question was. He responded quickly to all texts, e-mails, or phone calls. Lewis also provide us ‘what to do next’ information. “Once homeowners insurance is done. Next, start working on the switching over the utilities.” Lewis kept us focused during the home buying process, but never overwhelmed. We also received helpful pamphlets of information on the neighborhood, utilities, and welcome to the neighborhood packets. I would highly recommend Lewis to any one who is looking to purchase a house. Lewis is truly a real down to earth guy who still has the best interest of his clients in mind and truly wants to help you find your prefect house. In the cutthroat world of real estate a guy like Lewis is very rare.
Lewis is great! Personable, patient, honest, and knowledgeable. Lewis walked us carefully through each stage of buying a home, showing us homes with a critical eye, detailing each step in the negotiating and purchasing process, and pointing out the various bits of work that needed attention on the purchased home. One of the aspects I appreciated most is that Lewis is an electrician and former home inspector himself. In each house we visited, we would investigate the internal and external structure - the "guts" - of the house top-to-bottom with Lewis explaining what parts of the house were possible trouble spots requiring serious work, so that we knew full well what other kinds of costs we might incur if we bought the home, and pointing out architectural details we might have missed. We were looking for a home with history and character. That's what Lewis found for us and we're very happy with it. I recommend him very highly.
Donna and Pure Energy represented us for a purchase of a new home and sale of our former home. Our experience with Donna and her team was outstanding. When searching for a new home Donna was flexible and helped us understand our alternatives. She knows the local market extremely well. The other element Donna brings is a good understanding of process and the norms for negotiations.

For our home sale the Pure Energy staging services were fantastic. We put an offer on our new house and put our former house on the market in less than two weeks. This could never have happened if it wasn't for the help and design expertise of the Pure Energy team. Donna reassured us of the appropriate pricing of our house and was able to walk us through some snags with inspection and buyer financing. Overall we highly recommend Donna and Pure Energy for buy or sale transactions.
Donna and her team of designers did an excellent job with my sale. The design recommendations made the house pop and they were fast and courteous. Quick time to a full price offer, even during the government shutdown!
Donna and her team are simply AMAZING!

My opinion about realtors has always been that they are grossly overpaid for the amount of work they do. Paying a realtor commission is like paying taxes, you resent every penny out of pocket. In Donna's case, that couldn't be further from the truth. Donna earned every penny.

Our story began with renovations to our old house. Donna and Jen (The Designer) advised us all along the way on maximizing our pre-sale renovation budget. We needed to make substantial improvements to our house and I was skeptical of spending that much money just to sell a house. Well, it turns out that our neighbor with a nearly identical house, made no similar improvements and is still on the market 6 months later for 50k less than our listing. We didn't spend nearly 50k in renovations so that says to me that Donna's advice to spend some money, added a huge amount of value in terms of resale. We almost had 3 offers within 3 days of our first open house. We happened to take the first one because we wanted to make an offer on our new house.

Speaking of our new house. We were looking for an "affordable" house in the Walter Johnson Cluster. Our options were very limited and we compiled a list of potential homes and set a date to go looking. That date turned out to be the day after The Derecho. We had no idea when we left the house that morning, how devastated the area was, but we were determined to find a house and Donna patiently, and with good humor, drove us all over town. Dodging downed trees, power lines and lines at the gas pumps. Any other person would have cancelled.

Donna was always completely honest with her opinion on the houses we looked at. There were some I liked, and she didn't. Some she liked and I didn't. And even one that smelled like horseradish. The horseradish house was actually on the top of my list! Fortunately, Donna hated it, and I have thanked her more than once for talking me out of it.

She knew what we wanted and needed and truly helped filter out the mediocre listings. What she eventually found for us was perfect. Basically, what we were looking for was a livable fixer-upper. We found a beautiful house in Kensington that was being sold by the original owner. Any improvements had been made at least 30 years ago so it really needed "new everything". But that's much better than a new "Home Depot" renovation. There was one major issue with the basement floor (settling slab) but between our structural engineer and Donna's expert negotiating, we ended up getting an entirely new sub-slab waste line and slab settlement mitigation as part of our inspection contingencies. In fact, it was Donna that said "the waste line might be cracked" and made sure to include it on our inspection contingencies. Turns our she was right! It was cracked, but she saved our A**ES, and now we have an entirely new waste line. Form this point out, everything is cosmetic.

My wife and I couldn't be more grateful to Donna and her team. We LOVE our new home and neighborhood.

We had our house on the market with a different realtor two years ago. It sat for 5 months before we gave up and started renting it out. Cut to two and a half months ago, our renters moved out, and we had the house staged and back on the market in record time. It was on the market for less than 3 weeks before we were under contract, and we just closed. The total process was just over 10 weeks. Granted, the market was different two years ago, but even with that, the two experiences were night and day. First, Donna and her designer, Jenn, are very very good at helping you decide how to stage your house. Because we'd already been through this process, and because we were pretty strapped for cash, we didn't have a lot to throw at fixing up the house. Donna and Jenn were able to help us really make the most of a tight budget. They were also masters at helping to eliminate sentiment and emotion from the process, keeping our eyes on the goal, which was to attract a buyer. This is not easy! I really enjoyed working with Jenn, and the house looked amazing when she was done with it. The marketing of the house was superb. Once we got into the negotiation process, I felt very confident in Donna's ability to negotiate on our behalf. I felt like she really listened to our concerns. There were times when I wanted to push an issue, and I felt heard and respected as she talked me down, and I felt confident that she understood me and would relay my concerns in a constructive way to the buyer; she helped us pick our battles, and then once we'd picked them, she fought for us. There were other items that I wasn't sure we should care or worry about, and Donna was able to walk me through different scenarios so that I understood what was worth my energy and what wasn't. This was key, since we were selling the house from 1500 miles away. The home inspection was fine, but not great. Once again, Donna was able to talk it all through with us, keeping us calm and on-track. She was very good at weathering the occasional emotional outburst, very good at calming our frustrations. Even more important for us, selling from a distance: she had all the contacts we needed so that she was able to coordinate all of the work, all of the contractors, on our behalf. She did all of the leg work, which was no small task. Finally, just days before closing, we had a major flood in the house. Disaster! But Donna managed to keep everyone calm, get the professionals in to do the work, and ultimately everything still went through, delayed by a matter of hours instead of the days (or worse!) that we thought we might be facing. Donna calmed ruffled feathers, eased our minds, and coordinated a not-small population of contractors through our home. She earned every dollar she made on that sale, and kept all of our senses of humor in tact. And, in the end, she closed on our house in what felt to us to be record time, at a price we were comfortable with. I would certainly work with her again in a heartbeat.

Working with Donna was an awesome experience for me and my family. My wife and I came to the buying and selling process with plenty of concerns of how much work we could afford to do to our house and how much we could afford to spend on a new house. Donna walked us through all of our choices, showing us plenty of options for what we could do with our house to enhance its value and selling price. Her team of stagers and technicians are first rate all the way.  They are patient, understanding, skilled and efficient. We sold our house after having it on the market for less than a week and Donna kept us in the loop the whole time. At the same time, she helped us find a new house that we love. So, as crazy as it seems, we sold our house on a Monday and then bought a new one on a Friday. I never would have thought this would have been possible, but with Donna Kerr and the Pure Energy Team anything is possible.
I have lived in the Silver Spring area for over 60 years. I interviewed several agents when I decided to sell my Silver Spring home. I was most impressed by Donna Kerr's knowledge of the real estate transactions in the Silver Spring area. This knowledge included the original asking prices, actual selling prices, seller concessions, comparisons of the properties that had already been sold and she was also extremely up-to-date on any active listings in the area. This impressive knowledge of the market plus her boundless energy and enthusiasm made choosing Donna Kerr an easy task. I was also very impressed by her team of decorators. Their expert advice on making my home show at it's absolute best turned my very nice house into something spectacular. I ran into other agents during the time my house was on the market and, unaware that they were talking about my house, they raved about what a great house it was, how well it showed and how well priced it was. Because of the Pure Energy team advice, in this difficult market, my house sold in only 20 days while other properties in the area languished. In fact, I received not only one offer but two! I would recommend, without any reservations, Donna Kerr and her Pure Energy Team.
Andrew is a tremendous agent. Before making the decision to rent a home, he educated my wife and myself on the best option for us - whether it was buying or renting. During this process and throughout the whole process, Andrew was totally focused on what was best for us, his client. Andrew was incredibly thorough in his process of identifying the best option and then finding the perfect house to fit our needs. During the walk-through, he noticed things that I would not even think to ask about. His knowledge of homes is second to none. He took out all the stress related to the process and checked in many times after we had settled to make sure things were still going smoothly. If I am ever in the market for a home in the DC metro area, the only Realtor I would consider is Andrew.
Donna and the rest of the Pure Energy Team were outstanding in every step of the sale of the house in Silver Spring. She provided solid insight into the market and a clear assessment of how our house was positioned in the marketplace. We were prepared to upgrade the house in order to increase its marketability and this is where her team excelled. They offered their recommendations on upgrading an out-dated kitchen, refinishing the basement and installing new windows among other things. And while they acted as the general contractor on all this work while we were working overseas, her team communicated with us so frequently and that we may as well have been a few miles away. Ultimately, Donna and her team did such a fine job on the renovations and the staging of the house we were a bit reluctant to sell. Utltimately, we got what we wanted for the house and had multiple offers after the first showing. We wouldn't hesistate to work with Donna again.
I used Donna to sell my house and also purchase my new residence. The entire process was hassle free. From the moment I met her, Donna demonstrated that she is energetic and a hard worker. She does not avoid difficult negotiation issues nor does she place any burdens on her clients.

The Pure Energy team rocks! Thank you for making the selling and buying of our homes a pleasure. We never believed it would be so easy; that is for us. We know you did a lot of work and for that we thank you.  

My brother and sister and I had to sell my mother's house, a 1960 ranch style home, after she died. Donna and her team helped us set up a timetable for cleaning out the house and doing repairs so our effort was structured from the beginning. This was already a great help. Her team arranged for many of the repairs and helped us keep to the budget we had agreed on. They helped get the house painted and freshened and landscaped. They staged the house with their own furniture. The house never looked better! They were very expert in knowing what would be important in selling the house and what was not important. Donna always called me right back if I had a question.
A family was interested from the very first open house and Donna and her team were with us every step of the way through the house inspection, negotiations, closing. I would recommend Pure Energy to anyone.
Lewis always responded to my questions and concerns within about an hour or less and was always always cheerful and upbeat with ideas and fall back positions so that I am now in a house that I am crazy about and have already made friends with the great neighbors and am invited to be in the pool club and so on.. thanks to Lewis finding me the house, the financing and the energy to make it happen. He is a great real estate person!!!
Donna is approachable, responsive, clear in all of her communications and expectations, and resourceful. She and her team successfully directed us through a quick and painless staging/listing/selling process. Her advice leading up to our sale was spot-on and it paid off for us with immediate multiple offers at asking price. She was equally successful in helping us buy our second home. We had a tight window to work within once our home sold, and she helped us navigate through a competitive seller's market. Within two weeks of selling our home, we had a successful offer on our dream home. She went above and beyond in terms of contacting other agents, inquiring on our behalf, and helping us feel confident in our offer.
Donna is absolutely excellent in marketing and pricing a home appropriately. She knows what makes a house sell and her expertise in decorating and staging makes an enormous difference. With her advice and help, we sold our house in 3 days in a down market.
There is no one on earth i would trust selling or buying a home with more than Donna. She knows real estate inside and out and has the hardest working team i have ever seen. Not to mention the FREE home staging!
Andrew worked with me between April 2012 and January 2013. I met him through another Realtor who recommended him. In retrospect, I see why. He has over a decade of experience as a Realtor, but he also has experience doing energy audits and termite inspections. So not only is he experienced in buying and selling homes, he also knows how to spot things like energy inefficiencies and structural problems that will cost homeowners lots of money. His experience was really invaluable. I was looking for my first house and I was very nervous about the whole process. Andrew realized this, and really guided me through it all. He spent a whole afternoon with me one day walking me through all the paperwork I'd have to sign to close! Our tours of houses together were really fun, and I felt like we were working together as a team. I learned a lot from him. Andrew is simply a terrific Realtor. He is a natural people person, thoughtful and shrewd when examining a home, and patient and devoted to his clients' best interests when it comes to closing.

Donna and her Pure Energy team have done nothing but impress us during our home selling experience. Never have we had such hands-on and masterful assistance in dealing with a real estate transaction. Donna conducted a thoughtful market analysis and recommended a very realistic target price for us (as opposed to inflating it just to win our business). Her design team, led by Jennifer, made practical recommendations for repairs and improvements, coordinated estimates from local contractors, worked with us on budget parameters, and worked closely with us and the selected contractor to complete the work. She and Donna helped us think through and decide how best to deal with some unexpected repair needs. I never realized how drab my house was until they had the house painted with new, fresh colors and expertly decorated and appointed it. The photos were gorgeous and the marketing materials came out great. We had two immediate offers, above our asking price, and a third on its way when we ratified a contract less than 3 days after listing. I largely credit Donna's pricing advice coupled with the beautiful staging for helping us edge out competing properties in the area. Donna is an experienced and expert negotiator and can be completely trusted to keep your interests first and foremost. We're now working through the pre-settlement steps and Donna continues to represent us well. We highly recommend her. 

Donna and the Pure Energy team first helped me to rent my bungalow in Takoma Park and then to sell it, quickly, effectively, and from a distance (since I had moved out of the state). I remain very grateful to Pure Energy!
My wife and I interviewed Donna after we received several mailings about other homes she had recently sold in our neighborhood. Donna arrived with a very organized and creative plan to give us the best market penetration in a short period of time. By the end of the evening I knew that Donna was genuine and sincere, and was exactly the kind of agent we were looking for.

Donna helped us sell our home and buy a new one in Columbia, MD. We compared several realtors including the two largest in the Howard County area and picked Donna (originally more Silver Spring based) to sell our home based on word of mouth rave reviews. Her complimentary staging service was top notch and key to our quick sale for a good price in a down market. The pictures and presentation generated a lot of traffic for our house and it showed very very well. Her interior design team picked out and coordinated paint colors, fixtures and other items with our contractor. In the end we were able to sell for more than our 2004 purchase price which is pretty awesome in this market. We probably could have gotten more but we wanted to be in a new home before the new school year. For our new home we visited at least a hundred houses all across Howard County before selecting the perfect one in a great neighborhood. Despite the odd circumstances and difficult sellers Donna was able to successfully negotiate our purchase. We hired her designer to pick our colors in our new home too!

I have known the Pure Energy Real Estate Team for more than six years. I first noticed them through their "For Sale" sign in my neighborhood because they sell more houses in the Silver Spring area of Maryland than any other team. Recently Lewis Temple and his wonderful design/management team helped my wife and I prepare and list one of our rental properties that they had previously been managing. The renovation process was fast and painless and the house sold in 6 days with multiple offers for over list price! I would highly recommend Pure Energy Real Estate if you are in need of competent real estate team that are well versed in selling and buying houses, property management, design, project management and marketing. They understand real life challenges in real estate and are very knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy and responsive. Their professional style is strong and steady. I am sure you will feel confident in both their ability as well as their respectful and direct communication demeanor. I have been a small real estate investor for close to 15 years and the Pure Energy Real Estate Team are most certainly one of the best real estate teams I have ever come across.
As a first time home buyer I was in need of a lot of advice and guidance. I met Lewis at a open house that I was visiting on my own and immediately felt he would be the right person to represent me. Not only was Lewis a great Realtor, listening to my needs/wants and looking for properties that fit, viewing properties prior to my view in an effort to save time and giving solid advice on key negotiation tactics, he also has extensive knowledge in construction and I found that knowledge to be extremely valuable when looking at 60+ aged homes. He found me my dream home and I am eternally grateful. I would definitely recommend him and will continue to work with him in the future.
Outstanding home-buying experience! Lewis is great agent for first-time home buyers. Very timely responses, even for small questions, and even over the weekend. It felt like he never took a break! At first, we found the process to be rather daunting, but Lewis held our hand throughout, explaining all the things that we didn't understand, and clueing us into things we wouldn't have thought about. His experience as a Master Electrician and contractor was also quite valuable. He always ensured that he inspected the utility room in each house (the room we tended to ignore, since it's not flashy), and gave us the low-down on the equipment in there. He also pointed out different things about the properties that we would not have considered, such as increased chance of flooding, rotting wood under windows, poor wiring, etc. The other members of his team were great, too. We had a last-minute request to see a house; due to scheduling issues, Lewis couldn't attend, but his teammate Andrew accompanied us, and was also great to work with!
Lewis was wonderful! We had very specific (and possibly unreasonable) requirements when we were looking for our first home in the DC area. He showed his trademark patience and dedicated spirit when he took us from house to house for showings. In the end, he led us to the perfect house! After walking us through the entire offer stage through closing, Lewis was the best we could have asked for. If you need a realtor with experience, dedication and a tremendous team behind him, call Lewis.
Working with Donna was fantastic. She seemed to always have our best interests in mind. Her use of technology was impressive and awareness of market conditions as spot-on. Tough and savvy, patient and empathetic, I though overall her work was brilliant.

Working with Pure Energy has been a great experience so far!  We first heard of them when they sold the house across the street from us years ago so we gave Donna a call 4 years ago when we thought we wanted to sell our cute little first house.  Unfortunately, the market went downhill and we decided to wait it out so we didn't have to give our house away and we are so glad we did!  When we called Donna back in January, she remembered us and we hit if off immediately.  She sent the amazing Cara out to walk through the house with us to give us pointers and suggestions which made us realize we had WAY too much stuff in this tiny house.  I am very into design so giving up control wasn't the easiest for me but Cara wasn't pushy and advised us to keep our favorite things which we did.  After moving a lot of stuff out, we began the process of painting and updating the kitchen which Cara helped with the entire time..... helping pick paint colors, granite and light fixtures.  It can be very overwhelming but she was a huge help.  She met the contractors out here so we didn't even have to miss work!  After it was all done, she and Jen came out to stage.  They used mostly our things, just rearranged to make better use of the space and they did a great job!  We needed a twin bed in the spare room which they brought out (awesome to not have to spend money on that!).  The house listed on Thursday morning and by the afternoon, our phones were blowing up with texts wanting appointments!  We went out of town for the the weekend to make it easier for the many appointments on Sat. and Sun. (and the Open House) and by Sunday night, we had 2 offers for what we were asking (which was higher than we thought we would get!)!  I was out of town at the Furniture market in High Point, NC on Monday night signing contracts by email on my phone for more than we asked for! It was quite exciting!

I recently used Andrew to buy a home in Silver Spring, MD, and he did an amazing job. I purchased the Maryland house while still living in California. Andrew helped me develop a list of our essential requirements including good neighborhoods and school systems, which led me to focus on Montgomery County. More importantly, Andrew is an excellent listener and communicator which was extremely important for the property search, contract negotiation, contract close, and move-in process. Andrew even had a great list of recommended contractors to do some updates on the property. In short, Andrew was great!
Lewis has a lot of knowledge and skills about marketing and selling homes as well as numerous contacts with local sub-contractors to get the house ready for sale and make necessary repairs after the home inspection.
We would definitely use Donna again.. in a heart-beat! The staging was masterful, the advice and guidance was not only on-point but also calming. We listed our house during a tougher time-of-year, but she did an awesome job and we are thrilled with the result. She is really impressive! She even performed project management services with regard to work that we needed to get done to list the house. Her firm is truly full-service! Truly an amaing value.
Andrew has helped me sell 2 properties in the last 10 years, both transactions went smoothly and I got my asking price. He pays attention to detail. He has a wealth of real estate knowledge, and I trust his judgement. I would definitely use his services again and I always recommend him to friends and colleagues.
Donna helped my husband and I find our new home in the Columbia area as well as sell our house in Silver Spring.  The purchase sale combination was extremely stressful and we encountered some very difficult sellers and buyers on the other side or our transactions.  Throughout the entire process, Donna was very knowledgeable and responsive, she kept us focused on what needed to be done and made a difficult situation as good as it could be.  She was a real advocate and she was fun to work with too.  I would definitely recommend Donna and the Pure Energy Team  to anyone buying or selling in the area.
Donna and her entire team were wonderful during the process of selling my home. It was the first time I sold a home and I was very nervous. Donna was able to be informative and comforting at the same time. Their expertise and care and concern made it a very easy process. I would highly recommend Donna and her pure energy team for anyone looking to buy or sell. They rock!

I rate Donna Kerr's work selling my house as 5 star with no reservation. Donna has a keen eye for value and earned my business when she met me at the property and after a short tour of the property summarized the work to prep the house for sale that mirrored my own list. The house was in a good location and well built but showed poorly after several years as a rental. Donna assembled a team including a designer, Cara Hunt, who works with Donna's firm, and a reliable prime contractor who gave a reasonable bid. Work started immediately. Donna was always available for questions and updates and I began to hear positive comments from the neighbors on the appearance of the house. Extensive work was completed quickly on time and on budget, including new oak floors, complete new kitchen, updating the bathrooms, cleaning and painting everything inside and out and minor landscaping. The house was transformed from dowdy to move in ready, showed beautifully and we had a full price contract the first day the house was listed. Donna is a pleasure to work with and her team exceeded my expectations in every respect. Donna provides an exceptional level of service for the standard fee (6%). I made a good return on my investment, Donna made money on the increased sale price and the buyers were pleased with the purchase price and condition of their new home. It does not get any better. I have no reservation about giving Donna the highest recommendation. If you have a house to sell you should give Donna a call!

Any first time home buyer goes into the home buying process rather anxious and therefore it is crucial to find a buyer's agent that you can trust. Lewis, with his calm personality and deep knowledge of the Silver Spring neighborhood fit the profile very nicely. He is very honest, responsive and professional. We had no problems setting up appointments to view homes. When it came to drafting offers, he was very thorough, detail oriented and got them submitted in a timely manner. Other helpful bits was the fact that he is also very handy and gave us some tips and solutions for home improvement projects. Overall we give Lewis 2 thumbs up.
Andrew did a great job selling my house. I believe we got the top dollar we could have received. He was a pleasure to work with and the whole process went very smoothly. He also helped me buy a new house. He was very patient while I looked at two dozen (or more) houses! His numerous contacts in the real estate industry were a big help for both transactions. I would highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a house.
I highly recommend Donna and her team at Pure Energy both for selling and buying a house. Pure Energy guided us in the process of getting our house ready to be put on the market, staged it beautifully, and priced it well. Our house sold quickly -- we had a contract soon after the first open house. While we were getting our house ready to put on the market, Donna took us several times to visit houses to buy. She offered honest and insightful opinions on prospective homes. When we found the house we wanted to buy, she did a great job negotiating with the seller on price and home inspection contingencies. The house we bought had some issues with the basement and Donna made sure that the issues were fully understood and resolved throughout the home inspection process. Now we are in the house we really wanted, in a great neighborhood, and it would not have happened without Donna and her team.

I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate the time you took to make sure that we purchased the home that we described to you. You were very instrumental in eliminating the hustle and bustle of our house hunt - once we gave you our "must have's and "will not's" you took the map and ran with it!  We smile each and every day as we drive out of the city towards our quiet and quaint neighborhood :-)  We look forward to receiving your newsletters, they keep us in tune to the "market" and your energy.  Your ability to find a home that needed absolutely no work afforded us the opportunity to visit our daughter (Paige) every day while she was hospitalized without the worry of having to hang drapes, paint the walls, clean the floors and all of the other things that go with purchasing an old home. I have been meaning to write this note to you for some time and promised myself that I would find the time to thank you today.......Rob and I "Thank You" for your enthusiasm and love for what you do.  I have attached a picture of our daughter - we have been in our home for 5-years, she will be attending kindergarten this year, she has her father's brain:-) :-)  Keep up the good work and we look forward to attending one of your events this season.

Lewis made our house search fun AND educational. A huge plus in working with Lewis is his knowledge of home construction, inside and out. We were primarily looking at older homes and he would routinely point out positive and (potentially) negative aspects of the houses we looked at. He could also estimate on the fly what it would cost to do certain repairs or renovations.
We had a great time looking at houses and when we found one we wanted to buy, he helped us put together a winning offer (in a multiple offer situation) and resolve any issues prior to closing. His attention to detail is also superlative, which is exactly what you need in someone drafting a contract for the largest purchase of your life. 

As first-time home sellers, we were unsure of all of the intricacies of the real estate market and sales process. Your advice to us was always sound and logical. We have used other Realtors, both in Maryland and in other parts of the country, and none come close to providing the expertise and service you provided.
Donna was the agent for the sellers when we bought our house. A few short years later we hired her to list the house for us and we could not have been happier. She was very responsive and knowledgable. He staging team did a fantastic job too. Our house sold in record time while others in our neighborhood unsold for many months.